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Marine Mooring was founded in 1985. Our goal was to bring products with enduring quality and superior craftsmanship to the market. Since founding, we have grown from just a few employees to a team of over forty. Marine Mooring believes in choosing local talent over outsourcing. Our products are made in the USA by people in Northern Indiana.

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Our priority is exceeding the standard- from inventive new solutions to high quality material to the best customer service experience, Marine Mooring is committed to being exceptional.

Your experience from the quote process all the way through to post sales support is handled by our local team. We believe in doing the work to do a job well, which is why Marine Mooring has made our process from design to manufacture as vertically integrated as possible.

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Every detail, from the material used to the fulfillment of your orders is handled directly by us. Tired of dealing with communication breakdowns in a long chain of companies passing the buck down the line?

At Marine Mooring, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. We believe in setting the standard of excellence, from durability to customer service.

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